Annual General Meeting

13 NOVEMBER 2017

Monday Evening

Ted Burge Pavillion

Starts at 8pm


We are in urgent need of a Treasurer , Registrar , Ground Staff

and short term assistant (assistant registrars) for registrations.


Nomination Form - Please click here

Please complete and email to secretary - Thank You


If you feel you could give the time to assist please come to the AGM and volunteer your time.


There will only have 4 committee members to run the club otherwise.

These committee member do not have anyone family members playing for the club,

they volunteer their time for your children, so without your help we may not have a club.

They also hold down full time jobs as well.


Please consider volunteering some time to assist.


Thank You !






Club Contacts







PLEASE NOTE - Both the Registrar and Secretary have their own jobs that they work at during the day.

They volunteer their time for these positions - so please be patient for them to return your call


We on the committee volunteer to run this club, we put our heart and soul along with our time, thoughts and ideas into the club. This is done to the best of our ability for the soul purpose so your children participate and enjoy playing soccer (and the adults too)